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Hi i`m Paul into DH,FR and 4x, basically any type of hardcore riding. I love to feel the blood pumping through my vains and the feeling of doing something for the first time is the feeling i still ride for. Put me on any Dh track and it feels like home especially fast flat out type tracks, also love building my own FR spots with some pretty big jumps/drops... i've never been shy at pushing my limits and at 33 now pushing my progression is still at the top of my list.

I`m a proper yorkshire lad and a farmer, laid back and chilled out like most northeners are. Living in the Ripon area again now having spent a few years in Boro.

I mostly ride at Spinny (Ripon) but can be found riding and building all over North Yorkshire.

If anyones local to me then give me a shout as we are always looking to expand our group whether you be a dj or dh'er or xc'er... it takes all disciplines to cover this diverse sport of ours and i like to dabble in them all.

Last year i started doing a bit of trail riding, first time for about 5 yrs, i still dont know why they have to put climbs on them ha...

In 2010, i tried my hand at the nps 4x race series racing in the masters category.

Results were...

Rd2 Harthill 9th (1st race after missing Rd1)

Rd3 Redhill 8th (Broke bike in the B final)

Rd4 PORC 11th (Crashed hard 1st moto)

Ended up in 13th (was up in 9th) overall with only three rounds completed out of six...

2011 i would like to try my hand at mini dh if i get the chance and maybe do a few of the Northern DH series.

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