Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you can not find the answer to your question below, please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to help answer your question.

My Account

To access and fully enjoy all the features of MoreDirt, will require that you register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:

  • Create your own custom MoreDirt Profile.
  • Upload your Photos & Videos.
  • Vote & Comment Photos, Bikes and Videos.
  • Find out the location off over 800+ trails & tracks
  • Post & Reply to threads in the community forum.

It is your own responsibility to keep the information in your profile up to date. You should ensure that your email address is kept current. Aside from your username, you can alter all of the information in your profile. Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. In extreme circumstances, you may request that the administrator change your username, but he or she will require a very good reason to do so. To edit your information you can simply access your account menu, by clicking on the "My Account" button in the top left of the screen. Then select "Account Settings" from the menu.

If you did not receive your confirmation email please do the following. Double check that the email registered was your correct email. Ensure that the confirmation email is not in your "Junk Mail" box or "Spam" box, which could happen due to a content filter. If neither of these help resolve your issue please contact Admin. In the email please include your username, and your email address.

To upload a image for your profile you simply access your account menu, by clicking on the "My Account" button in the top left of the screen. Then select "Account Settings" from the menu. Scoll towards the bottom of the page and will see the option to upload a profile photo. For best results, upload a 148px X 148px jpg or gif.

We do our best to keep a family friendly website, so any user that disobeys their guidelines will be warned, or suspended. We don't believe in first time bans. We will, however, suspend users at our own will. Why do people get suspended? Suspensions happen if a user is uploading inappropriate photos or videos, directly attacking any user, or directly attacking our website. If a user has been suspended multiple times, we reserve the right to ban the user.

General Usage

In order to receive some FREE MoreDirt stickers please send us a self addressed, AND stamped envelope to:

More Dirt Ltd
'Sticker Request'
Bridford Mill,
Bridford, Exeter,
Devon, EX6 7LB

If you are an event organiser and would like to add your event to the MoreDirt calendar, click here and complete the simple form.

Rate My Ride

The system is based on the Elo rating system invented by Arpad Elo, a Hungarian physics professor which is most commonly seen in chess and some multiplayer computer games.

Each bike is given a numerical rating. The higher the numerical rating the more popular and successful the bike is.

When a battle is played 2 bikes from the same category are chosen with a weighted bias towards freshly uploaded bikes onto the system.

In the contest between 2 bikes, the winning bike gains a certain amount of points relative to the amount of points belonging to the opponent its beaten. The losing bike then loses that same amount of points calculated from its starting score.

All numbers used in the example are hypothetical.

EG. Bike 1 starts with a ranking of 100, Bike 2 has a ranking of 50, Bike 2 is selected as the victor so it is awarded 20 points bringing bike 2's total to 70, Bike 1 loses that same that number of points bringing its score to 80.

If Bike 1 had a ranking score of 200 therefore making it a more "successful" bike and Bike 2 (still with a ranking of 50) was to win the battle it would be awarded more 50 points as it has a done a better job of beating the bike with a greater ranking score.

Bike 1 may finish with a ranking of 150 and bike 2 would have a ranking of 100.

If Bike 1 was to beat Bike 2 this would be seen as less of an achievement. Bike 1 might only gain 5 points as this was an expected result bringing its score to 205 and Bike 2 would only lose 5 points taking its score to 45 This method might seem unnecessarily complicated, but it is a good way of ensuring freshly uploaded bikes find there deserved position faster than running a cumulative total. If 1 extra point was awarded on to each bike for a win similar to the football league scenario. The bikes that have been on the system since the beginning would almost certainly be at the top of the leader board.

If for some insane reason you actually want to read more on the algorithm Rate my Ride is based on, you can find that here.

RMR is designed to pull two bikes from the same category, but this is dependant on the owner of the bike adding their bike to the correct category. If you have submitted your bike to the wrong category, you can move it to the correct category by clicking the edit link above your bike.

With over 11,000+ bikes submitted to RMR the chances of seeing your bike is slim. Keep clicking away and you may see your bike one day!

Photos & Videos

All content submitted to MoreDirt is moderated before being displayed in the public galleries to ensure that everything you see on the site is suitable for a website of this nature. Your photos & videos are displayed immediately in your profile after upload but will not appear in the public galleries until they have been approved by a moderator.