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Jasna Bike Park

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Jasna Mountain Bike Park in Slovakia, has been operating since 2006 and has 4 downhill trails of various difficulty all accessed by a chairlift. Read more

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Jasna Bike Park in Slovakia, has been operating since 2006 and has 4 downhill trails of various difficulty all accessed by a chairlift.

The bike park is suitable for everybody keen on downhill bike riding. It makes use of the natural terrain and together with wooden obstacles and terrain adjustment, it offers high quality riding conditions.

Trail Details:


Downhill trail leading under the 6-chair cableway. The trail of high difficulty degree, intended for well skilled riders. It consists of nature clay hurdles, stones and wooden hurdles - tilting turnings and 2 m high gap, the edge of impact from rebound is approximately 6 m. The trail has got 34 new parts - trail simplifications. New passages slow down or bypass the most difficult parts of the trail. There are also 16 new inclined curves. The trail has been widened so it offers more ways. It means that even those less experienced can go down the trail easily. The entrance to the track is allowed only with a bicycle in good technical condition, a helmet, knee and elbow protection and we recommend also spine protection. It is one-way and marked track.

Leads down the slope No. 5 Turisticka for less experienced bike riders. There are inclined curves on the track borders. In the direct passages there are natural uneven passages arranged to waves, jumps with a by-pass possibility. The track is suitable for those who would like to enjoy a not difficult trail with beautiful views of the surrounding hills.


Through traverse No. 18 FIS-Priehyba and downhill trail No.12 Jeleni Grun. The track is suitable for beginners as well as more demanding cyclists. The surface is natural, structured, predominantly grassy, combined with wooden hurdles of different difficulty (14 pcs). It is possible to bypass demanding hurdles. The location and construction of hurdles enables to try skills of cyclists at all levels. It is possible to descend and override the hurdles or jump out of all of them. You can find double hurdles there /4 pcs/ consisting of desks with a space between 4 and 8 m suitable also for beginners, case, drops from 50 cm up to 2 m, U-shape, low flyer, canal, gap (1,6m high, from 6 to 12m long ) A-shape, double set...

Panorama EASY - BLUE
The easiest as as well as the longest trail, leads through traverses between ski slopes: on the traverse No. 18 FIS-Priehyba, it continues in the direction to Slalom slope, on the traverse No. 17 Jel. Grun-Koliesko (it crosses the Jelnak trail). It leads from Koliesko down the downhill trail Biela Put. From this point downhill cycling to Zahradky on asphalt road. With no hurdles it is suitable for recreational cyclists and for scooter riders . Suitable for all those who want to enjoy comfortable easy track with views on surrounding peaks.


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Nearest Town: Brezno

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