Gravity Card celebrates its most successful season to date!

9 December 2020  |  

The mountain bike business is booming! It’s not only the increasing bike sales, which tend to test the capacities of the factories, are a strong indicator for the bike boom.

Geisskopf Bike Park

Geisskopf Bike Park

The Gravity Card is celebrating the end of the bike season with a new visitor’s record. The reasons for this success are, on one hand, the ongoing developments of bike parks like for example Schladming or Brandnertal, but also, on the other hand, the expansion of the Gravity Card’s offer towards Enduro. The Covid-19 special regulation for this season, which included a return and refund option, was hardly used despite the relatively short season.

For the upcoming season, the Gravity Card welcomes a new bike park to its roster: The Bike Areal Kitzski is suited for all riding levels and keeps expanding the already highly diverse trail offer, which puts the Gravity Card network at 22 bike parks.

The record number of visitors to the Gravity Card bike parks was not the only thing to be celebrated though. With the highest number of sales within one season, the Gravity Card seems to be on a roll. The special regulation, which was introduced due to the persisting pandemic, offered customers a refund policy in case of closed bike parks and late openings due to Covid-19. However, surprisingly the staggered reimbursement was hardly used at all. The special regulation will remain active in 2021, though, to enable customers to react to any development as flexible as possible.

With a total of 170 trails, spread across more than 20 bike parks and Enduro regions in six countries, the Gravity Card network offered its highest diversity to date. Fast and flowy trails, technical downhill sections and massive jump lines put a smile on the face of any gravity fan. The expanded trail offering of the bike parks, like in Brandnertal and Schladming, where new flow- and jump trails were built, resulted in a boost of ticket sales. Additionally, the constant expansion towards Enduro offers managed to activate a whole new target group.

The new addition for 2021 is the Bike Areal Kitzski in Austria, which will feature more than 20 kilometers of the finest single trails. On offer are the “Fleckalm Trail“, “Bike Trail Hahnenkamm”, “Lisi Osl Trail” and “Gaisberg Trail” and spread from Kitzbühel to Kirchberg and guarantee a great time on two wheels, no matter what age or riding level.

Leogang Bikepark

Leogang Bikepark

Kornel Grundner, spokesman for the Gravity Parks, also expressed satisfaction: “With a relatively late start into the season, our main goal was to not achieve any losses. But with precautionary measures and the Covid-19 refund regulation, we wanted to show our customers that we’re prepared for anything. Today we are proud to not only have matched that goal, but rather exceeded it and are now able to celebrate our most successful season ever. This also seems to prove our expansion towards Enduro as the right choice. With the new addition to the Gravity Card roster and the constantly expanding bike parks, we are excited and looking forward to the upcoming season!”

With the Bike Areal Kitzski, the latest addition to the Card, the total number of bike parks and regions within the Gravity Card network rises to 22. The upcoming season pass will be valid from April 3rd 2021 until November 7th 2021. The prices are as follows:

Adults: 519€
Teens: 390€
Kids: 252€

Good news for anyone looking for a special Christmas treat for their favourite biker or themselves: The online sale of the Gravity Card 2021 starts as of December 9th 2020.

List of all participating bike parks within the Gravity Card network:

New in 2021: Bike Areal Kitzski

For more information on the Gravity Card:

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