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Always on the go, and never far from the trails. Find out what fuels Bernard Kerr extraordinary passion and performance for MTB and motocross.

The PIVOT Factory Racing Team came about completely by accident. How did Bernard Kerr go from traveling in a van with friends, to having one of the sickest setups on the UCI MTB Word Cup circuit? He dedicates his time to managing the team, taking on responsibility to ensure other team members are supported and have the tools they need to perform at the elite level – battling for world cup podiums.

What puts a smile on Bernard’s face? His love for bikes, family, his dog Lada and old cars. But his level of talent and commitment doesn’t come without sacrifices. Socialising and down time is not on the regular schedule for Bernard.

‘Fun’ is how Bernard describes his riding style - but as a professional downhill athlete – the fun way down is not always the fastest way down. That said, with his mental fitness matching his physical fitness, Bernard Kerr feels stronger on the bike than ever before. This is his time to shine and his dedication to the sport is motivating him to pull out all the stops his year.

“Bernard Kerr is a kid that never wants to grow up.” - Bernard Kerr

Credit: OfficialLeatt