Aaron Gwin's Budget MTB Toolbox Build


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A basic way to put together a great everyday tool box at a reasonable cost.

Complete Tool Box Item List:
- Tool Bag or Box
- Allen Wrenches
- Torx L Wrench (T25 Size)
- Diagonal Cutting Pliers
- Utility Knife
- Zip Ties
- Measuring Tape
- Sharpie Marker and Small Note Pad
- Shock Pump
- Tire Levers
- Tire Sealant
- Tire Pressure Gauge
- CO2 Refill- Extra Tube
- Small Microfiber Towel
- Chain Breaker
- Spare Master Link
- Spare Shifter Cable
- Zip Lock Bags- Pliers
- Duct Tape/ Gorilla Tape

Credit: Aaron Gwin