Innes Graham & Max Rendall Get Loose on eMTBs


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The history of the bicycle is extraordinary, things have certainly come on a long way in 200 years.
I was surprised to find out whilst making this, that the battery was invented before the bicycle.
I think that puts in perspective how slow the development of bicycles was back then, even during a time where motor vehicles were starting to emerge.

Recently, electric bicycles have seen some extraordinary leaps in development.
We decided to embraced this new technology, attempting to show that these e-bikes are more agile than people think.

Riders: Max Rendall & Innes Graham
Video: Glen Thomson, Max Rendall & Innes Graham
Directed by: Max Rendall
Edit: Max Rendall
Photography: Innes Graham.
Song: Cyberpunk 2099 - Nayz, nxire & yz

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