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15th October 2009 | Category: XC / Enduro
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7th October 2009

5EAN has added a new bike
24th May 2009 | Category: XC / Enduro


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I live in Trinidad, in the Caribbean, but I am currently in Bangor for uni. Into mostly all mountain riding, but would like to focus more on downhill.

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stinkydaz said on 24 October 2009 17:08

nice one , ive heard of a few good spots in whales but unfortunately not been able to go there .

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stinkydaz said on 18 October 2009 20:53

orite mate sorry for not repplying, been in a bit of shit lol, er yeah its pretty decent, but it depends where you go, where abouts in the uk are you? (Y) congrats on getting an iron hore, they look amazing like....

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