Southern Enduro QECP Mashup

Southern Enduro QECP Mashup

Date: Sunday 5th November 2017

Queen Elizabeth Country Park Mountain Bike Trails

3 stages, ridden as many times as you want (each stage must be ridden twice) 2 fastest times from each stage count. So you will have 6 stage times on your results.

Event Type: Gravity Enduro
Date: Date: Sunday 5th November 2017
Organiser: Southern Enduro Series
Location (trail): Queen Elizabeth Country Park Mountain Bike Trails

IMPORTANT: To the best of our knowledge the details provided are accurate at the time of listing. However, as with any outdoor event of this type, there can always be unforeseen circumstances that will lead to changes or cancellations. For all demo days, please check with the organiser directly to confirm the event is going ahead, timing, location, bike availability and any other additional detail.

Fantastic prizes for the top 3 riders in all categories. Free parking for all riders, spectators, friends and family. (Please car share where possible) Large race village. Food and drink on site.

Mashup Format:

3 stages, ridden as many times as you want (each stage must be ridden twice) 2 fastest times from each stage count. So you will have 6 stage times on your results.

All stages will be over a mile long and around 80m to 100m in elevation/drop. Estimated stage times are about 2 minutes to 4 minutes long.

There is also be a prize for the most stages ridden by a female and male rider (not including e-bikes)



  • Elite age 18+
  • Senior age 18-29
  • Master age 30-39
  • Veteran age 40+
  • Supers Veteran age 50+
  • Hardtails age 18+
  • Fun age 18+
  • E-bike


  • Elite age 18+
  • Senior age 18-29
  • Master age 30-39
  • Veteran age 40+
  • Fun age 18+
  • E-bike (£46)



  • U18s age 14-17
  • U14s age 10-13 Must ride with an adult that is signed up to the race.


  • U18s age 14-17
  • U14s age 10-13 - Must ride with an adult that is signed up to the race.

Last Updated: 18th September 2017 (13:29)

Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Daniel Beaven
Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Julian Edwards
Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Oliver mckenna
Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Jason McLaughlin
Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Tom Parker
Elites Age 18+ (Mens) Ruairi Phelan
Fun Age 18+ Andzejus Ageicikas
Fun Age 18+ Matt Alford
Fun Age 18+ Philip Baker
Fun Age 18+ Peter Cosgrove
Fun Age 18+ Simon Drew
Fun Age 18+ Scott Douglas
Fun Age 18+ Gez Gibbons
Fun Age 18+ Mark jones
Fun Age 18+ Paul Withers
Fun Age 18+ Daren Ford
Fun Age 18+ Peter Morton
Fun Age 18+ Will Nelson
Fun Age 18+ Alex Puttock
Fun Age 18+ Tony woodford
Fun Age 18+ Connor Southey
Fun Age 18+ Ryan Southey
Fun Age 18+ Mark Tobitt
Fun age 18+ (Females) Katie-Jane Beaven
Fun age 18+ (Females) helen mather
Fun age 18+ (Females) Sarah Budge
Fun age 18+ (Females) Zoe Repman
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) Richard Barkwill
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) David Barkwill
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) Jack Rowlands
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) James Burton
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) Dylan Coombes
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) Jacob Garrod
Fun Age 18+ (Hardtails) Jeff schooley
Hardtails Age 18+ Drew Barritt
Hardtails Age 18+ Paul Burford
Hardtails Age 18+ Rob Drake
Hardtails Age 18+ Martin Dunn
Hardtails Age 18+ James Johnson
Hardtails Age 18+ James peters
Hardtails Age 18+ Scott Rose
Hardtails Age 18+ James Dawes
Hardtails Age 18+ Glenn Rose
Hardtails Age 18+ Paul Dawes
Hardtails Age 18+ Marlon Winch
Hardtails Age 18+ Thomas Wolfenden
Master age 30-39 (Females) Matea deliu
Master age 30-39 (Females) ellie forgan
Master age 30-39 (Females) Julia Hamlyn
Master age 30-39 (Females) Emily Kate Harper
Master age 30-39 (Females) Emma Hill
Master age 30-39 (Females) Amy jones
Master age 30-39 (Females) Rachel Lewis
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Mark Baker
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Alex Beagent
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Robert Berger
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Graeme Bowler
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Mark Brooks
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Paul Catchlove
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Will Cook
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Andrew Gardiner
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Luke Gerrett
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Robin Godding
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Paul hanks
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) leo harding
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Mark Stephen Harper
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) James Hosegood
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) marc howe
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Luke huckerby
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Tom Jackson
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Greg Jarosinski
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Kamil Izewski
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Leighton Jones
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Matt Hoddinott
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Simon Kibble
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Joe Manz
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Christopher
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Christopher Marshall
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) James Martin
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Olaf Mathar
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Phil Mathar
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Tom mayhew
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) David McDonald
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Chris Morphew
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Dave mosley
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Tom Ogden
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) james oxborrow
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Neil Parker
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Owen Peat
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Mark Reeve
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Luke Roberts
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Paul Marsden
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Tom sherlock
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Peter Simons
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Charlie Smith
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Lee snowball
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Ian spriggs
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Joe tracey
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Liam Tyrrell
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) luke weller
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Matt whitfield
Master Age 30-39 (Mens) Christian Willson
Senior age 18-29 (Females) Emma Carson
Senior age 18-29 (Females) Lauren Cox
Senior age 18-29 (Females) Coralie Souchal
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) William Brett-Atkin
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Ethan Brown
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Dane Crawford
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Matt Edwards
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Callum Hartridge
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Russell Hill
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Russell Malton
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Simon Owen
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Gavin Owen
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Sam Potter
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) James Robbins
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) James Saunders
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Jay Shirlaw
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Andrew Wiggett
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Jack Wild
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Nathan Wood
Senior Age 18-29 (Mens) Jordan Wright
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Stuart Catford
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Brett Drake
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Tony Franklin
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Nigel Garrood
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) David Gray
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Lloyd Maroney
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Chris Parker
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Philip Repman
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) Mic Say
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) paul simmonds
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) MARK SOMERVILLE
Supers Veteran Age 50+(Mens) mark twist
U14s Age 10-13 Males (Juniors) Ben Clothier
U14s Age 10-13 Males (Juniors) Jack Cromie
U14s Age 10-13 Males (Juniors) Conrad Mathar
U18s Age 14-17 Females (Juniors) Maya Atkisnon
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) James Annesley
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Chris Barker
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Jacob Clothier
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Cormac Girling
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Robby Johnston
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) McKinley Loxton-read
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Joel
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Ellis Mauger
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Mihailo Milenkovic
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Joe Parker
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Samuel Pentecost
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Daniel Barry
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Patrick Ridge
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Liam ross
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Aeddan Seaward
U18s Age 14-17 Males (Juniors) Ben Townsend
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Sov Atkinson
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Vicky Balfour
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Fiona Bevan
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Tara blagden
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Jane Brockman
Veteran age 40+ (Females) Katie Drake
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Stephen Aldridge
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Andrew Atkinson
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Paul Blagden
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Cobus
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Steven boyce
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Jonathan broughton
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Matthew clark
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) mark Cosens
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Richard Cromie
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Jon Farrell
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Matthew Gant
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Matt Gilmour
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Matthew Hall
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Rich Harrison
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Gary Hill
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) David Johnston
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) James Jones
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Darryl Kemp
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Ben Leach
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Marcus Lloyd
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Damian Magdalena
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) John Woodings
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Tim Muggeridge
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) John Newman
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Michael Palfreman
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Dave Parker
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Carl Perry
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Peter
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) anthony prior
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Shaun Robinson
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) James Rolland
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Keiron ross
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Cornelius Salgado-Nacke
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Chris Seaward
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Kevin Ollett
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Nathan Shaw
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) M. Shephard
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Gary ward
Veteran Age 40+ (Mens) Paul Wellicome


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