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QECP Day & Night Enduro 2017

QECP Day & Night Enduro 2017

Date: Saturday 13th May 2017

Queen Elizabeth Country Park Mountain Bike Trails

This year the Enduro race will take place on Saturday 13th May 2017 at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire.

Event Type: Gravity Enduro
Date: Date: Saturday 13th May 2017
Organiser: QECP Mountain Bike Events
Website: www.qecptrailcollective.co.uk
Location (trail): Queen Elizabeth Country Park Mountain Bike Trails

IMPORTANT: To the best of our knowledge the details provided are accurate at the time of listing. However, as with any outdoor event of this type, there can always be unforeseen circumstances that will lead to changes or cancellations. For all demo days, please check with the organiser directly to confirm the event is going ahead, timing, location, bike availability and any other additional detail.

This year the Enduro race will take place on Saturday 13th May 2017 at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire and is fairly unique in its format of being practice in the light and race under the cover of darkness to add a challenging twist.

All the proceeds from this event go to the trail building fund for Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

As the race is at night lights are compulsory.

Last Updated: 10th May 2017 (8:20am)

FUN (Mens) Andzejus Ageicikas EVIL
FUN (Mens) Phil J Baker BUTSER MTB
FUN (Mens) Paul Barr butserMTB
FUN (Mens) Alec Bowen HFRS
FUN (Mens) Matt carpenter Groundforce construction
FUN (Mens) Kevin Carter Team ME
FUN (Mens) Tony Clark No Brakes
FUN (Mens) Robert Clark No Brakes
FUN (Mens) Adrian Clarke Walberton Launderette
FUN (Mens) Geoffrey Cocking ....
FUN (Mens) Rich Court Lizard Kings
FUN (Mens) Howard cracknell Lone wolf
FUN (Mens) Rob Curtis Dads first time!
FUN (Mens) Andy Blackwell Dads first time!
FUN (Mens) Carl Duke None
FUN (Mens) Chris Evely N/A
FUN (Mens) Barry Fanning butserMTB
FUN (Mens) David Farbon Farbo
FUN (Mens) Alex Farbon Farbo
FUN (Mens) Robert Fields .
FUN (Mens) Jake Garrod The riders guild
FUN (Mens) Leo Harding na
FUN (Mens) Chris Hazelden Butser MTB
FUN (Mens) Matt hill Hill rider
FUN (Mens) Kamil Izewski ASPARAGUS TEAM
FUN (Mens) Greg Jarosinski ASPARAGUS TEAM
FUN (Mens) Steven Paul jepson Old man jeppers
FUN (Mens) David Jowett Babadagmtb
FUN (Mens) Allan Knight Newforce
FUN (Mens) Dave Mitchell Team Fat Ginger
FUN (Mens) Jim Owen Grace Morley
FUN (Mens) James Poole Team Scrunge
FUN (Mens) Paul Sedwell Team Scrunge
FUN (Mens) Jonathan Price Lizard Kings
FUN (Mens) Luke Roberts D&D Cycles Club Rider
FUN (Mens) Simon Sanders Value Maltloaf
FUN (Mens) James Sawyer TrailScope
FUN (Mens) Adam Steel None
FUN (Mens) Matt trollen Trolski trailers
FUN (Mens) David Venditti Nomansland MTB
FUN (Mens) Dave West Butser mtb
FUN (Mens) stewart wheeler SW
FUN (Mens) Stuart Wiggins butserMTB
FUN (Mens) Chris Hartridge butserMTB
FUN (Mens) Richard Wilkins -
FUN (Mens) Steve Cathie -
FUN (Womens) Emma Carson you
FUN (Womens) Helen Mather na
HARDTAIL Dan Hunt Bike Wheels
HARDTAIL Matt Cole B&M Racing
HARDTAIL Sam Green None
HARDTAIL Andy Cornelius None
HARDTAIL Mark harris None
HARDTAIL Jim Peters Pulse Racing - Total Sport
HARDTAIL ian pidgeon The OC
HARDTAIL mark hooper The OC
HARDTAIL Alex Puttock -
HARDTAIL Alan Sanderson #greyfoxracing
HARDTAIL Michael Smith Michael Smith
PRO (Mens) Daniel me
PRO (Mens) Daryl Biles .
PRO (Mens) Chris Doney Transition bikes, Morvelo, Exposure, USE
PRO (Mens) Rob Francis 77Designz
PRO (Mens) Oliver mckenna Freedom bikes/south coast suspension/rideworks
PRO (Mens) Tom Parker Sussed Out Suspension
PRO (Mens) Ruiari Phelan KREEK Racing Team
SPORT (MASTERS) Darren Alford DC Cycles
SPORT (MASTERS) Chris Archer Bournemouth Cycleworks Trek
SPORT (MASTERS) Steve Atkins Bournemouth Cycleworks Trek
SPORT (MASTERS) Steven Atkinson Bigfoot MBC
SPORT (MASTERS) Mark Baker Fatcreations
SPORT (MASTERS) Tom Borland team YT Circus
SPORT (MASTERS) Graeme bowler N/a
SPORT (MASTERS) Alexander Claber Brighton MTB
SPORT (MASTERS) Robert Clarke RNRM Cycling Association
SPORT (MASTERS) Chris Ellis Ellis Racing
SPORT (MASTERS) Dan Davis Gravity Project
SPORT (MASTERS) James Evans PedalOn.co.uk
SPORT (MASTERS) Andrew Freegard N/A
SPORT (MASTERS) Andrew Gardiner Gravity Project / Giant Store Southampton
SPORT (MASTERS) Leighton Jones Team mooooo
SPORT (MASTERS) Keir archbold Crumbledor
SPORT (MASTERS) Tom mayhew Mps
SPORT (MASTERS) Dave Morgan Footout Flatout
SPORT (MASTERS) Dave mosley None
SPORT (MASTERS) Justin Moulding Team Badger
SPORT (MASTERS) David McDonald Team Badger
SPORT (MASTERS) Phil Gray Team Badger
SPORT (MASTERS) Daryl Raymond Team badger
SPORT (MASTERS) Steve Mullins n/a
SPORT (MASTERS) Ewan Parkin D&D Cycles
SPORT (MASTERS) Mathew Pidgeon GiantSouthampton/GravityProject
SPORT (MASTERS) Chris Scullard n/a
SPORT (MASTERS) Charlie Smith n/a
SPORT (MASTERS) Jonathan Smith Team ManBall Enduro Racing / Surreyhills Suspension
SPORT (MASTERS) james weames Mountain Mainia
SPORT (MASTERS) Andrew White Three Musketeers
SPORT (MASTERS) Marlon Winch D&D Cycles
SPORT (Senior) Roy Stephen John Beach Team Bean
SPORT (Senior) David bone Racing club ravenna
SPORT (Senior) Fletcher Bumstead TBC
SPORT (Senior) Will Cahill N/A
SPORT (Senior) Sebastian Hall -
SPORT (Senior) Edd Jenner -
SPORT (Senior) Michael Harrison None
SPORT (Senior) Phillip hoyland Team Bean
SPORT (Senior) Matt Jenkins .
SPORT (Senior) Derek burton Crumbledor
SPORT (Senior) Seb Mansfield N/A
SPORT (Senior) James Merrell Team Bean
SPORT (Senior) Pete Coombes Team Bean
SPORT (Senior) Ben Moorey Team Bean
SPORT (Senior) Callum Morris Wight mountain
SPORT (Senior) Andy Penketh Foot out, flat out
SPORT (Senior) David Powell None
SPORT (Senior) Chris Robson Footout Flatout
SPORT (Senior) Arron Rogers None
SPORT (Senior) Thomas Smith Team Potato
SPORT (Senior) Jack Stone Team Potato
SPORT (Senior) Nick Stoyles The riders guild
SPORT (Super Veteran) Andrew George Bird -
SPORT (Super Veteran) Stuart Catford SK Racing
SPORT (Super Veteran) Jimmy Docherty MuleBar
SPORT (Super Veteran) Brett Drake --
SPORT (Super Veteran) Ian Howe Ta Mate
SPORT (Super Veteran) Mark hoyland Team bean
SPORT (Super Veteran) Mark Jones N/A
SPORT (Super Veteran) Mike Norman Mountaintrax
SPORT (Super Veteran) Ian Perkins ChilternBikeBarn
SPORT (Super Veteran) Barry Pretorius SA
SPORT (Super Veteran) Simon Roberts -
SPORT (Super Veteran) dave rowley PMB
SPORT (Super Veteran) mark Somerville CJHampshire appliances
SPORT (Super Veteran) Bradley Briggs Airport Autos
SPORT (Veteran) Giles Austing Mulebar
SPORT (Veteran) Chris Blackmore I bikemotion
SPORT (Veteran) Jonathan broughton The RidersGuild.com
SPORT (Veteran) simon burchett B&M racing
SPORT (Veteran) Simon Coventry FATCREATIONS
SPORT (Veteran) Dave Craddock Crazycradz Race Team
SPORT (Veteran) Ray Craig Pedal Planet
SPORT (Veteran) Rob Evans Pedal Planet
SPORT (Veteran) Chris Welch Pedal Planet
SPORT (Veteran) Simon Evamy Team ManBall Enduro Racing
SPORT (Veteran) Paul evans Gravity project
SPORT (Veteran) Ellis Feltham Mule bar
SPORT (Veteran) Stephen jones The Riders Guild
SPORT (Veteran) Chris Kimberley Space Pirate
SPORT (Veteran) Chris Knight Team Fakawi
SPORT (Veteran) rick lewendon hargroves chi
SPORT (Veteran) Craig Macklin Freeborn Bikes
SPORT (Veteran) Dean masterton Footout flatout
SPORT (Veteran) David Frederick Munt Foot out flat out
SPORT (Veteran) Mark naumann Brighton mtb
SPORT (Veteran) Andrew Newell butserMTB
SPORT (Veteran) James Orsborn None
SPORT (Veteran) Dave Parker QECP
SPORT (Veteran) Anthony prior Shirt lifters
SPORT (Veteran) Shaun Robinson CJ Hampshire
SPORT (Veteran) Kevin Sexton iBike motion
SPORT (Veteran) Dean taylor Footout flatout
SPORT (Veteran) Ross Thompson Gruffalo Racers
SPORT (Veteran) Neil Thompsin Gruffalo Racers
SPORT (Veteran) Gavin Ward The Ridersguild.com teamTRG
SPORT (Veteran) Paul Wellicome Four4th lights
SPORT (Veteran) John Woodings Team Schnizzle
U18 Will Leleu Tri It Sports
U18 Ellis Mauger None
U18 Joe Parker Kreek Racing Team
U18 James Saunders I-team cc
Women Senior 18-39 Francie Arthur Morvelo / Bird Cycleworks
Women Senior 18-39 Rebecca booth Fatcreations
Women Veteran 18-39 Katie Drake --
Women Veteran 18-39 Sally Evamy Team ManBall Enduro Racing
Women Veteran 18-39 joanne lewendon hargroves chi


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