Swinley Bike Hub to Launch Coaching and Skills Development Area

8 May 2019  |  

Plans are in place by Swinley Bike Hub to launch a new coaching and skills development area for their courses including a dedicated freeride zone in the Swinley Forest.

Swinley Mountain Bike Trails

Swinley Coaching Area was born out of the need to offer a wider range of features that will allow far greater reaching progression for all types, skills, ages and ability of rider to reach their own potential.

They aim to open the Coaching Area from July and through the next 2 months and will be launching more information and timetables of how to make use of the facility once it is live for the summer.

The Swinley Coaching Area will have various zones, in phase 1 we will have open:

  • Kids Zone
  • Corner & Flow Zone
  • Drop Zone
  • Jump Zone
  • Ride Zones - 2 Lines to bring together all of these skills, one focused more on trail riding, the other tighter for adding speed & form.

A dedicated freeride zone will also be created in the Red 20 Clubhouse area closed to the existing freeride lines which is near the midway point of the Red route for those wishing to session features, as well as being in the same area as the Camel and Clubhouse lines, offering more line and style choice for riders.

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