Stage previews for this weekend’s Welsh Gravity Enduro Series

15 May 2018  |  

The Welsh Gravity Enduro Series team have booked the sunshine and have got three fun stages lined up for this weekend at Afan Bryn Bettws in South Wales.

The 1-day format, 5 hours of live timing over 3 stages where you can do as many runs as you like in any order you like and then check you're times in the pits! Ride with your friends or on your own it doesn't matter!

Stage 2 is still being completed so there’s no preview video available yet, but we have heard it's going to be fresh cut and natural!

There are still some entries available online here.

Stage 1 Afan Bike Park

Stage 2 Graveyard

Stage 3 Upper 373 into the 4X track