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23 July 2013  |   |   2 Comments

Caersws in Mid Wales is probably best known for its downhill tracks then a venue for an Enduro. The concept of the Mini Enduro is to make it fun and give riders 3 good stages to race on, with enough time to practice each stage in the morning and then race down them in the afternoon.

Mini Enduro

The format was a change to the normal loop for an enduro, the stages had been chosen to give a real variety to the racing. Stage 1 and 3 were using what people know has the Midland side of the hill, the top sections hold lots of berms and jumps with stage 2 used a previously unused track threw in quite bit of pedalling linking up the old national and dragon tracks and using tunnel under the road making the 29er riders duck!

The stages varied from tight single track, jumps, massive bus stops and couple of steep shoots that caught a few riders out in Sunday morning practice. The finish of Stage 1 and 3 blasted down wide open fields where riders were hitting speeds of over 40mph down the final shoot into finish.

Mini Enduro

There were a few familiar faces that had raced downhill here with what some would call "local knowledge"? of what to expect and were really flying kicking up the dust in the turns from the very start of practice.

All 3 stages times were shown live on the TV screens at the finish of each stage to give instant position changes during the race with live commentary provided by Andrew Cooper on Stages 1 and 3.

Mini Enduro

The weather was hot and so was the racing, positions were quickly changing after stage with the long flat pedal in stage 2 showed who had been putting in the training miles.

Mini Enduro

Everything ran smoothly, with podiums straight after the last rider finished it was a great end to super fun day of racing.

Top 3 Podiums and full results on The next race is planned for October with a normal loop type format but will include more full gas descents!

Mini Enduro
Mini Enduro

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Mini Enduro

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rallysaloon said on: 23 July 2013 12:42

Great event and ran really well. On board video here of me on stage one

offracing said on: 23 July 2013 19:50

Went for the whole weekend and enjoyed every minute. Can't wait for the next one

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