Lenzerheide DH World Champs Track Analysis with Gee Atherton

7 September 2018  |  

Gee Atherton couldn't participate in this year's UCI MTB World Championship Downhill race. However, he's here to take you over the most important parts of the Downhill course in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. Big Drops, huge roots, tree stumps, rock gardens, this trail has got them all. Will Loic Bruni make it to the win? What about the French crew with the likes of Amaury Pierron? Rachel Atherton just won the UCI MTB World Cup 2018, but will she be able to keep the momentum going and win the World Championship? Or will Tahnee Seagrave make up for the World Cup loss and take the win? Leave your answers and votes in the comments and let's see what's gonna happen!

The dream of every professional mountain biker is to earn the right to race the upcoming season in the rainbow stripes. Watch as the best male and female riders on the planet battle for the UCI MTB World Championship 2018 jersey. And the battle is gonna be a tough one here in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. Home of some epic races in the past, who will take the crown this year?

Credit: Red Bull