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24 January 2017  |  

Borderline Events, organisers of the Hope PMBA Enduro series, Welsh Enduro series and the Hopetech Women enduro are championing the phrase “Enduro for all”.

Mountain Bike Enduro

Harry Hemingway Age 11 styling it on on the Hope Line at Gisburn Forest during the enduro.

The phrase "Enduro for all" was in our Autumn press release, we championed the variety of events we had planned for the next 12 months. Our series, the national championships and the winter day/night events aimed to give something for everyone; a variety of formats, styles and venues celebrating the versatility of enduro. One of the things to bring "Enduro for all" was that at the Gisburn Day/Night back in November we had secured insurance for ages 11+, rather than our usual 14+.  We started looking at this after British Moto Trials Champion Harry Hemmingway asked us when he could start racing MTB Enduro, and we knew he was a very capable rider and wasn't alone in being highly skilled at a young age.

It was a great success so we thought we do it again. With Borderline Events insurance updated at the start of November the honour of the first 11 year old riders went to the Welsh Enduro Series event at Coed Y Brenin on 06th November.

So now for all the Hope PMBA Enduro series, Welsh Enduro series, the Hopetech Women enduro,  and even the Datatag National Enduro Champs; all these events are under Borderline Events banner and have insurance for those over 11 years old. There are some requirements, like riding with a responsible adult but the option is there.

Mountain Bike

U15 podium at Gisburn Forest

However we need to take a step back, certainly not all the events are suitable for the majority of 11 year olds, or even many 14 year olds; and even last year we asked that all under 16's give us a shout before entering to make sure they are capable of enjoying and completing the course safely and that is still the case. We don't want people wasting money, not knowing what they are signing up for,or worse putting themselves in a dangerous situation. For the National champs we wont be allowing under 16's to compete in the championship lap, with timed transitions and set start times; we can't cope with the support rider requirement of the insurance even if somebody is capable of the epic 55km with 10 steep and technical stages.

To celebrate this, we have a 10 entries for Under 15's for round 1 of the PMBA Enduro series at Gisburn Forest in March. This event has been full for a while, but a great place for anybody's first enduro. If you want in, e-mail [email protected] with a little bit about your MTB experience and why you want in and if your up to it we'll find you a slot.

For 11-15 year olds who want to enter other events in our series, please don't just enter, drop us an email first. For WES email [email protected] and for PMBA mail [email protected]

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