Dyfi Bike Park unveil new track in partnership with Insta360 - FlowState

4 July 2023  |  

Dyfi Bike Park opened their new trail, FlowState, to riders this weekend. The Single Black Diamond trail runs 2km down the North East border of the park and is built for flow with some of the most scenic backdrops in the Park.

Watch the crew having some fun on their latest creation with Insta360 X3

Dyfi Bike Park’s creator Dan Atherton said “We wanted to create a line that would make riders feel amazing, but that would also work visually to look as good on film as it feels to ride, Insta360 understood that vision straight away.”

The track was inspired by the natural bowl on the East side of the park and took 18 months to build. FlowState offers a mixture of natural rock features at the top of the trail including a huge rock slab, the first wallride on the park, flowing singletrack through the woods that’s unlike anything else found on the park, then finishes with some huge man-made berms and a huge step up — one of the crew’s favourite jumps on the park. FlowState also references Insta360's leading image stabilization feature.

Dyfi Bike Park

"It is brilliant to see the Insta360 FlowState line at Dyfi Bike Park, one of the world's most famous mountain bike venues.” Said Max Richter, Vice President of Marketing at Insta360. “At Insta360, we think bold and push the limits of camera technology. At Dyfi Bike Park, we see Dan and the team with a similar vision to relentlessly innovate and craft incredible trails. This is another big step for Insta360 as our global mountain bike community continues to grow."

Dyfi Bike Park

As ever, huge credit to the Dyfi dig crew for their creative input and hours on the shovel and in the digger. This is just the beginning for the FlowState track, which will continue to evolve throughout the coming years.

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Dyfi Bike Park

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