Dyfi Bike Park to re-open 1st August with two new red trails!

21 July 2020  |  

Dan Atherton and the Dyfi Bike Park crew are excited to announce the re-opening of the Bike Park with two brand new red trails.

Dan said “This summer has not gone as planned! But in a way having to close for a while gave us a huge opportunity, without the pressure of having to open on the weekends we’ve been able to tackle bigger projects without having to stop and make things rideable again for the weekend.

I’m absolutely stoked with the two new trails; Super Swooper drops 340m over 2.7 Km of flow, rail the berms then launch yourself into some small jumps before more berms and take the old fire-road flat-out to finish.

El Hippo is our new Lower Mountain trail, with a start above the Dyfi Timber sawmill. At half the length of our full trails it’s perfect to warm up, warm down or just for laps with your mates.

I’ve always built trails that challenge me and everybody else that rides them and I definitely applied that mentality when we first opened the Bike Park, but during this last winter I’ve ridden with so many new people I feel like I’ve got a way better idea of what people are going to enjoy riding!

All of the conversations I’ve had in the café and the carpark have gone into the work on these new trails. Seeing how excited everyone is to ride new stuff is the biggest motivation to build more.

Olly (Davey, Rachel’s boyfriend and the mastermind behind all our awesome bridges) has been a godsend, he is a genius with woodwork and has built an awesome new café and sign on cabin. Gee has been flat out digging and Rach has been driving the lorry!

Rachel Atherton said “ Riding these two new trails is literally so much fun, sending El Hippo with your mates will have you grinning all day and the uplift is so fast you can bang out a load of laps! Super Swooper is super-fast and flowy and you definitely don’t have to be a pro to ride it!”

Gee said “Athy has been flat out at all hours in the digger but it’s all been worthwhile – these tracks are amazing. We are all really motivated to welcome a new group of riders to Dyfi Bike Park and as part of that we have a lot of plans for coaching and expanding our trail network even further so watch this space.”

You can watch the full run of Super Swooper

Book your space at https://www.dyfibikepark.co.uk/book/uplift/

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