Dyfi Bike Park launches a new more mellow red graded trail

9 December 2022  |  

Dyfi Bike park’s longest track to date zig zags down the West side of the park where the gradient is slightly less steep.

Dyfi Bike Park’s creator Dan Atherton said “This is the more mellow red track that riders have been asking us for, it’s a bit more chilled so people won’t have to think too much, hopefully, they can just let off the brakes and have some fun.”

“Lovey Dyfi” is machine built from top to bottom and was over a year in the making. It was probably the team’s most challenging build to date - partly due to its great length at over 4.4km and partly because a good proportion of the trail is low down the mountain where the trail bellies out to follow the valley floor.

Dan said “It took ages! The bottom of the valley was really wet and we were building through clear fell forest so we had to flip stumps over for the 13 tonner to build off creating the clean trail behind us. As ever the dig crew were awesome, they know the terrain here so well. I was really keen that this track should feel different to Super Swooper which is fairly narrow in places and can feel like you’re building up a lot of speed through the tight trees.

Dyfi Bike Park

Credit: Dan Griffiths

If Super Swooper is “red tech” then this new track is more “red flow” there’s more space and it’s fairly smooth. Once it’s bedded in it will be quite fast - it's good to ride on either an enduro bike or an e-bike as there’s a bit of a pedal towards the end - even on a hardtail. If you’re on a DH bike you can ride the fast open-top section and then switch to the tech of Super Swooper, with the opening of this track we’re linking up other trails within the bike park so that you can build your own route and change things up on every run - the trail joins 50 Hits for a shared final section with a run of fast, rollable jumps but you can also switch into the jump line higher up.

I think the top section of this track might be my favourite section of the park yet - it flows so well, we just built it how we wanted it to ride and all the features linked up really naturally, there’s a section about halfway down “Cedar Rapids” we call it where the track cuts through these massive 80, 90-year-old cedars -  it doesn’t feel like you’re in the UK”

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Dyfi Bike Park

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