Dan Atherton and Oakley launch a spectacular new line at Dyfi Bike Park

8 October 2021  |  

Dan Atherton and the Dyfi Crew are excited to announce the opening of a 1km upliftable jump line at Dyfi Bike Park.

The fully surfaced, BMX inspired track is rated triple black diamond/Pro Line and is the park’s second Lower Mountain track alongside the mellower El Hippo.

Dyfi Bike Park

Dan saidI wanted to create a jumpline that raises the bar for UK riding. It was inspiring to see what Vero and James achieved with Vision Line at Revs, and of course Dirt Merchant in Whistler; I knew that we had to go hard to create something as special at Dyfi. We’ve worked with Oakley pretty much our entire careers and they’re a super-cool brand that we’ve always wanted to collaborate more closely with so they were the perfect partner to help me bring that vision to life.

I’ve been racing and riding all over the world for more than 20 years and in that time I’ve experienced a lot of amazing trails; this track was about bringing together all the coolest things that I’ve ridden. I’ve always wanted an upliftable jumpline, pure surfaced, smooth… I’m definitely showing my BMX roots. In fact it’s like a cross between a slopestyle course, a DH track and a BMX track. It combines wood drops and bridges with tall BMX lips and hips, all thrown together in an upliftable DH track. The lower section of the Dyfi mountain is the perfect site, the uplift is really fast and the trail is just over a km.

Dyfi Bike Park

Everything that I build here is designed for progression, once you’ve got 50 Hits dialled, step up to the next level. This track is aimed at the experienced rider but even the best in the world need to work on their jumps and push their comfort zone. The speeds are high and the jumps are massive but Icon Way offers riders the opportunity to start moderate and work up with different sized lips and hips all the way down. You can ride it on a BMX, a hardtail, a DH bike; anything you want to bring – it’s sick to have a fully surfaced track that you can stay clean on all day."

Icon Way has been a year in the making, it’s a shared vision with Oakley, especially Sports Marketing and Communications Manager Scott McMorris who has been awesome, totally buying into our plans, understanding the visual cues we were trying to create and bearing with us when things inevitably didn’t go smoothly! The track is named after the street where Oakley HQ is found in Foothill Ranch, California.

Most of the early digging work was achieved by the hugely talented Jamie Cable who put in some serious hours in the digger to help me lay out the fundamental shape of the course and sculpted most of the kickers. Jamie’s precision and attention to detail, his endless patience in sculpting the lips has elevated this track to something really special. The dig crew have been on the tools in all weathers, as usual, constantly prepping, Alf and Sam on the woodwork…it’s such a huge undertaking with such different elements that at times it seemed endless but all of them were totally committed”

Dyfi Bike Park

Gee Atherton has been monitoring the project closely. “The reason I’m so excited about the all-new Icon Way, is that it brings together Dan Atherton’s creativity with Oakley’s love of pushing the boundaries in sport. It’s such a unique line, you don’t get lines like this in the UK, there are very few in the world, and I can’t wait to spend the entire day sessioning it.”

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Dyfi Bike Park

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