Bikepark Lienz in Osttirol - a hidden gem welcomes the mountain bike season

27 April 2022  |  

An almost secret place, hidden in the heart of the Alps, Bikepark Lienz will kick off its season on May 20th. One of the youngest bike parks in Europe provides an incredible view of the Alps and mountain bikers of all levels with a place to practice their skills. In 2021, its Peter Sagan trail, named after the famous Slovak road cyclist, won an award for being the best Freeride trail in the Tyrolean region. In addition to the spectacular views of the Alps, the familial atmosphere and the selection of trails, the bike park is also a member of the Gravity Card, a network of 24 bike parks across 6 countries, leaving riders with even less excuses not to come to Osttirol and to discover everything it has to offer.

Lienz Bike Park

Osttirol is definitely worth a trip for nature and bike lovers. Located between the highest mountain of Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798 meters / 12,600ft.) and the Lienz Dolomites, Bikepark Lienz has, in only five years, become a real insider tip, a hidden gem. Offering 12km / 7.5mi of bike park trails of varying difficulty, the Flow Family, Alban Lakata, Peter Sagan and Welcome to the Jungle trails give riders of all levels a place to polish their skills, whether they are beginners or highly experienced riders. Whether you are looking for a place to ride with your kids, or speed through bike park laps to see who the fastest riders of the group is, Bikepark Lienz has you covered.

Lienz Bike Park

“While it’s not the biggest bike park, it’s almost cozy and it offers a very familial feeling. What I really love here is the quality of the tracks, with nearly no brake bumps and the fact that the trails can bring you directly into the old town of Lienz, where you can enjoy a drink on a terrace”, comments Alban Lakata, who was born in Lienz and is a three-time Cross-Country Marathon World Champion.

Bikepark Lienz, where also Gabriel Wimber shreds regularly, will open its doors on 20 May, just before the long Ascension weekend and is ready to shed its insider tip status. As part of the Gravity Card, Europe’s largest bike park flat rate, the Austrian bike park is looking to attract riders from all over, as well as becoming a go-to destination in Austria itself.

Lienz Bike Park

“For us, it was a natural step to join the association.  We are one of the youngest parks in the Alps.  No matter whether they’re Austrian, German or Italian, riders can visit our amazing region to go mountain biking, and most of them will have to drive less than 3 hours,” comments Franz Theurl, head of the Osttirol Tourism Association.

As if a five-year anniversary was not enough cause for celebration, the park has something else to be proud about as well.  Its Peter Sagan Trail was singled out as the greatest Tyrolean Freeride trail at the end of last year. The trail is 4km/ 2.5mi long, offering 610 meters / 2,023ft. of descent in altitude and is perfect for intermediate riders trying to push themselves to the next level. For the real mountain bike experts, Bikepark Lienz has something special in store; Welcome to the Jungle, a black trail, which should only be attempted by the most skilled riders.

Lienz Bike Park

“What makes the Peter Sagan Trail so special is that it offers something for everyone. It features an amazing variety of sections suitable for riders of all levels. You can take a leisurely ride, but you can also send it, hitting all of the jumps, gaps and sidehits on the way down. The trail builders definitely poured in all of their creativity, which in return offers a really playful trail. The "Welcome to the Jungle" middle section was built without using machinery and was hand-shaped, giving riders even more variety.” – Peter Kaiser, member of the great trails jury

A few weeks after the opening of Bikepark Lienz, the second park of the Austrian district will open. Bikepark Grossglockner Resort, situated right in the area where Fabio and Gabriel Wibmer grew up, particularly impresses with a unique 360-degree view of the Alps and a nice mix of alpine trails suitable for different types of riding – from fast downhill sections to technical switchbacks. The Gornerwald trail starts at 1,980 meters / 6,569ft. above sea level and takes riders on a vertical descent of more than 700 meters / 2,322ft., all the way down to Grossdorf. Apart from the downhill action in the bike parks, Osttirol is also perfect for those looking for longer MTB and e-bike tours, with over 600 km / 375mi of mapped bike routes and a network of charging stations, making the region perfect for those looking to explore the area, which impresses with warm hospitality and features a distinct Mediterranean flair.

More current news, dates and information about the tracks of the Bikepark Lienz can be found here.

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Lienz Bike Park

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