ALPINESTARS MTB Trail Attack - Antur Stiniog, North Wales

22 May 2019  |  

ALPINESTARS MTB Trail Attack celebrates it's third year with an awesome new venue for 2019, ANTUR STINIOG in Wales!

Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack

Trail Attack allows riders to compete in an open format to try and set their fastest times down the trail with, full uplift facility included for all three heats. 300 riders will be given 4 hours to blast down the trails before the field is cut by half, with the fastest half of the field progressing to the next heat. After 90 minutes, the top 32 riders will get one last run down the trail for the chance to be crowned the ALPINESTARS TRAIL ATTACK CHAMPION.

Course Preview

How it works

Set your fastest time over an unlimited number of runs down the Wild Cart and Bendy-G trails.

Timing on 2 big screens, including split timing by trail, allows you to plan how many runs you need to take in order to qualify for the next heat.

After 4 hours the field will be cut by half, with the fastest riders progressing to the next heat, where the slate is wiped clean.

After a further 90 minutes to record a new fastest time, the final 32 riders will progress to the final round - one opportunity to lay down their fastest run of the day.

The Alpinestars Trail Attack champions in each category will be crowned!


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