Dyfi Bike Park

Rob Warner, Olly Wilkins and Dan Atherton at Dyfi


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It seems that Rob Warner, Olly Wilkins and Dan Atherton have a couple of things in common... Not only are they internationally acclaimed bike-riding wizards, they also all use invisiFRAME to protect their bikes.

On a recent ride at DYFI Bike Park, we decided to ambush them and put their bike protection to the test.

For Rob, Dan and Olly, protecting their bikes from the day-to-day abuse they receive on the trails and travelling the world is a must. But how good is invisiFRAME when it comes to protecting their prized possessions? The crew headed to DYFI Bike Park for a day of real-world testing (and some extra high-velocity testing!) on some of the UK's most challenging trails.

Credit: invisiFRAME