Mont Sainte Anne Bike Park

Wyn Masters' Privateer Project with Kale Cushman in Mont-Sainte-Anne


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The final episode of the first season of the Privateer Project brings us back to Mont-Sainte-Anne for the last World Cup DH race of the year, where Wyn and the team brought on upcoming USDH talent Kale Cushman.

After the junior rider landed a top 5 result at her second World Cup race in Snowshoe, Kale proved she can compete at the highest level. While she works hard off the track to support her racing, emergencies like a damaged frame at Snowshoe can always arise. With a brand-new Fury Carbon frame and the support of the GT Factory Racing team, watch how Kale brings her new-school speed to the classic Canadian downhill track in MSA.

That's a wrap on the first season of Wyn's Privateer Project, and we're stoked to keep the Good Times Rollin' for 24'! We'll see you soon!

Credit: GT Bicycles