The New Kaos & The Siblings at Hardline in How We Roll S2 Ep3


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Take a step into the new world of Canyon mountain bike pro rider Kaos Seagrave as a full-time freeride athlete for 2023 and traveling the world as the fresh-faced ‘Happy Kaos’. In 2023 Kaos made the important decision to step away from Downhill Racing and pursue a permanent freeride career that brought his love for mountain biking back in full fruition to create a new and improved Kaos ready to make a much-needed splash on the scene. Episode 3 shows Kaos’ epic start to this with his Utah trip for Canyon CLLCTV Vowels all the way through to the epic events of Darkfest and Nines whilst also managing his own athlete edit ‘Unhinged 2’.

Credit: Canyon Bicycles