Isle of Skye

Danny MacAskill and Steve Peat ride the Trotternish Ridge in the Isle of Skye


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Danny MacAskill is happiest when his friends are having fun. Which is why he invited Steve Peat up to the Isle of Skye, Danny’s homeland, to show him the fun that can be had on a ridgeline rollick. The Trotternish Ridge is an epic route that links together multiple summits starting at the Quiraing and finishing at the Old Man of Storr, two stunning geographical landmarks that bookend the plateau.

But, as is common with all rides with mates, much ‘spracheling occurs. Spracheling, as you’ll learn in this film, is how Danny describes the kind of time-consuming detours and incidents that delay or increase the length of a ride. Forgotten equipment, mechanicals, stops to change layers, needing ‘another’ coffee or swig from a flask, confused directions, and lost folks. It’s this kind of low level mayhem that makes a ride all the more fun with friends.

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