Rediscover the joy of biking with Jason Gainey // Never Grow Up


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Often in life, simplicity is something we grow out of. Filling the day-to-day with an ever-expanding list of things that consume our time, leaving us with choices made that are viewed in the rearview mirror. A youthful innocence lost in a complex world with many distractions. Few find themselves able to break away. Jason Gainey was introduced to biking at a formative age, where riding and carelessness weren’t lost to the thoughts of tomorrow. Forming a connection to be tested, Jason found himself walking away from the sport he grew up loving. A realization and reflection on the simplicity of what makes Jason, Jason, led to the rediscovery of that joy biking gave him in those younger years. After over forty years since he first felt that feeling, the passion continues to motivate Jason. His days are now filled with riding, racing, coaching, and more riding; maybe he is just a kid who never grew up?

Credit: Freehub