FMD Racing | How We Roll | Episode 4


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In "How We Roll", we look at what makes Downhill Mountain Biking such a unique sport and introduce the characters that make up the Canyon CLLCTV FMD Racing Team. Follow Tahnée Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Dennis Luffman and Phoebe Gale on their journey throughout the 2022 race season.

Having grown up around racing within the family, episode 4 continues on the story of Kaos being torn between Racing and Freeriding throughout the 2022 season, and his eventual decision to focus on the Freeride side of things. Kaos gives us an explanation of what Freeride is and what it means to him as we follow him through multiple Freeride events, as well as take a behind-the-scenes look at filming his debut solo video part "Unhinged".

Credit: Canyon Bicycles