Revolution Bike Park

Miranda Miller & Caleb Holonko Discover Revolution Bike Park


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Whistler Bike Park opened when I was 9 and, later, I started riding there when I was about 11 or 12. It was exciting, but pretty low key in those days. The trails were still being developed; there was more dirt than rock and it was ‘ride on’ lift lines. I had some of my first world-class racing there and some of my early successes. I loved it and it felt like the bike park was full of magic. Recently however, to this privileged local, it has felt that WBP has demanded more effort and more patience to find that same magic. It still exists of course, but you have to push a little deeper through the dust and long lift lines. A-Line is the best jump trail in the world, but surely there’s something else to match? Another bike park somewhere with some of this magic? Could it be Revolution Bike Park? Off and on, for years, it has filled my Instagram feed and the feeling has grown- if there’s somewhere to rival Whistler, it could be there.

Credit: DVRGNT Minds