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Torridon is located in the North West of Scotland and it’s where my love for adventure riding began. As a destination, there’s something special about it, the vast mountains and unscathed landscapes are jaw dropping. In this episode we ride the ‘Classic’ Torridon loop, a 52km route with 1200m of climbing.

Allow a good 5 to 8 hours and it’s one, best done in the summer! Starting out, it’s a short road ride before veering off and riding alongside lochs and through Glens. It’s simply stunning and isn’t a ride you want to rush. I prefer to take my time, enjoy the journey and take it all in. Once you get into the wilderness you feel completely alone. The climbs are challenging, they’re technical and require sudden urges of power to get you up and over the rocky features - I’m still yet to clean it, no dabs!

The top of the Annat descent is incredible. Stood there, you’re surrounded by towering grey mountains and views stretch for as far as you can see. The descent is a technical one but I wouldn’t say it’s overly challenging, there’s a lot of flow to be had but you’ve got to work for it. It finishes down by a river, contrasting to the upper section you’re deep in the greenery.

Our next point of interest is the Fionnaraich bothy and it’s a good chance for a break. The single track leading up to it is challenging and requires a lot of on and off power surges. The bothy dates back to the 1800’s and is still used to this day by stalkers. It’s a place where riders can seek shelter from the ever-changing Scottish conditions. From the bothy to our next descent is a challenging path through lowland bogs before hitting a rugged hike a bike.

The descent to Annat is fairly undulating, rocky and is one of my personal favourites, you’re back in amongst those huge grey mountains and have a view on to the Atlantic Ocean. There’s something humbling about being able to ride in such a location. The descent’s super fun, rewarding and has so many different elements to it, fast

Credit: Scotty Laughland