The Knife Edge - Gee Atherton


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"When you’re constantly seeking to go beyond your comfort zone, to do things that nobody has ever done before, sometimes the outcome balances on a knife edge" Dan Atherton

Gee Atherton’s 'The Knife Edge' is not the glossy action sports edit that we’ve come to know of late. In fact very little has been edited here, so while we get to enjoy the mind-blowing mountain-biking skills and the daring that we associate with Gee’s recent big mountain projects such as 'The Ridgeline' and 'The Slateline', he also talks of the fear he needs to overcome and shows the horrific crash that resulted in many broken bones, a punctured lung and a 2 week stay in the hospital.

Gee explains why he chose to share such a raw piece of footage and why he feels it’s important that we don’t shy away from the less glamorous side of extreme sports.

Spectacular action and personal reflections from one of the world's toughest and most accomplished mountain-bikers.

Huge thanks to the crew, to the paramedics, Aberdyfi Search and Rescue team, the Air Ambulance who transferred Gee to the hospital and the surgeons at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Gee is making a rapid recovery without lasting damage.

Any profits from this film will be donated to the rescue services.

Credit: The Athertons