Tracy Moseley + Manon Carpenter: Back to Why


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It’s been a strange year so far, to put it mildly. Routines have been disrupted, travel plans blown apart and families forced to communicate digitally. At the same time there’s been a sense of urgency in plans, a now-or-never approach towards making and acting upon plans.

As Autumn was approaching two former world champions were hatching their own plan to get back to basics, out into the mountains, and away from a world thrown upside down. A chance phone conversation led Tracy and Manon to reflect on the paths their careers took.

The conversations wandered off on various tangents and in different directions, as they invariably do, but it always came back to the same topic: ‘Why?’. Why did we all start mountain biking in the first place? Particularly Tracy and Manon, who have been on the race circuit for so many years. With racing put on hold this year, it gave these two World Champions the chance to re-visit why they started riding, and fueled a desire to get back to the roots of their riding careers.

Back to Why...

Credit: H+I Adventures