California Racing & Ripping: Northstar, CA


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Say “hello” to German Ines Thomas, an Enduro World Series competitor and Canyon Factory Racing team member.

Join Ines on her first visit to California as she explores the western coastline of the United States with Canyon USA teammate and host, freerider KC Deane.

Coming together from two different viewpoints—one racer and one freeride—coming together with one common goal: To enjoy riding mountain bikes.

“With Ines, I didn’t know what to expect,” admits KC Deane. “Typically, when you think of a racer, you think of somebody that’s pretty structured—from their eating to their training to their schedule … but Ines was super laid back.”

“Our riding backgrounds are so different,” continue Deane, “I come from a freeride background with big drops and jumps, while her riding style is fast—yet, it’s so fun to ride together.”

Credit: Canyon Bicycles