Attempting 3 World First MTB Tricks - Matt Jones Design & Conquer


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MTB slopestyle star Matt Jones is no stranger to world firsts. Follow him on his journey to land three never-before-seen tricks and watch as the tricks go from his imagination to reality.

In Episode 1, Matt Jones and his twin brother Jono Jones devise a plan that will begin Matt's quest fior success. First thing on the TO-DO list: setting the scene. For the perfect setup, the boys acquire help from Kye Forte, a BMX guru turned digging mastermind. Kye will turn an empty field in Devon into a MTB stomping ground, capable of catering to Matt's world-first ambitions. With the build in progress, Matt loses no time & drives his Ford Ranger Raptor to the swimming pool in Bedford where he starts practicing for the first big trick - the running gainer.

Credit: Red Bull Bike