Brendan Fairclough searches for more Rampage Lines in the Surrey Hills


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This week I took fellow Monster Energy rider and downhill racer Theo Erlangsen around our local area and for some more home Rampage lines. Deeply missing RedBull Rampage this year and not being able to attend the Downhill World Cup this weekend made us want to get out there and ride.

Its so rad what you can find out in your local area with an open mind. There is so much fun to be had just making things in to competitions and challenges spices things right up. Loving filming these videos. Get to explore zones I haven't ridden for years its the best.

Just finding new trails, jumps and drops have been so fun. Stuff I would never have ever thought of riding have turned in to such fun little zones to film. Ripping the enduro bikes out in the woods with friends, who could ask for a better time.

Hope you guys like these videos, we love filming them. Next up building up a dream new E-Bike and maybe even getting back on the downhill bike. Cant wait.

Credit: Brendan Fairclough