Morzine Mountain Bike Trails

How to ride Morzine's Le Pleney with one arm!


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We're super stoked to have guys like Tom stay with us at MTB Beds he is an amazing inspiration to the sport of mountain biking! Not only is he riding some gnarly trails with one arm, he is also pioneering the development of braces for others with similar conditions enabling more people to enjoy mountain biking.

Here are a few words from Tom himself;

"Like most, I've not been on my mountain bike all that much over the last couple of months in the UK because of lockdown. When I heard MTB Beds was open and taking guests I booked my flights straight away. A very eerie check-in at the airport and I had my first taste of the new rules that required wearing a mask and social distancing. It felt odd, but this soon past and the thought of laps in Morzine very much took over."

"Riding in the French Alps with a paralysed arm is always interesting. The main purpose of the trip was to get plenty of hard riding in on a new hand attachment I've developed. In six runs I can learn more than I would with a months riding back home. So my time in Morzine is massively valuable to me. With breakfast and tea looked after by the MTB Beds team, I had no excuses not to get in plenty of riding!"

"The Pléney lift is my go-to because I can just walk on and off with my bike without any assistance. Lifting a bike on to a chairlift and hooking the front wheel with one hand is doable and I have to say the staff are super helpful but it's nice not to have to worry about it."

Credit: MTB BEDS