A Mountain Bike Trip Through The Trails Of Switzerland


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Chris from Exoride Mtb Trips takes us on a trip through his beloved Valais region of Switzerland. He has been riding here for 30 years and now makes his living guiding and coaching other passionate bikers. Usually Chris organises bike trips to the most remote corners of the world. The trails of Georgia, Iran, Morocco and Ethiopia have all been visited by Chris and a loyal and dedicated customer base. Unfortunately, post virus, all bets are off and this year's travels are suspended. The good news is Chris is based in the heart of Valais and this is somewhat of a mountain biking Mecca. Until Exoride is able to operate as normal and conquer the high mountain trails of other lands, this summer the exploration continues here in Switzerland. Home is where the heart is.

Guiding and Riding By Chris & Bertrand.
Fim and concept by Ridgeline Studio