Llangollen Downhill Trails

Europe's Dream Trails - Llangollen, North Wales


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Europe has A LOT to offer and when it comes to MTB trails there is barely a region of the world that has more to give. With so many destinations to choose from it can be hard to choose the best of them for your holiday or your weekend-trip. With this series we would like to give you a heads up on this topic. All destinations have been chosen by our team-members Innes Graham, Manon Carpenter, Steve Schneider, Lukas Schäfer and the one-handed animal Tommy Wilkinson.

Manon Carpenter is joined by Vero Sandler, Monet Adams and local pinner Al Bond for a wet weekend riding some of the UK's steepest trails.

Wales in winter might not be your idea of a dream destination, but riding bikes in wet conditions is something the Brit's specialise in. What's more, finding a venue with a public road uplift, over 15 trails combinations and everything from steep tech to big triple jumps is not that easy - hence why Llangollen, North Wales is episode 2 of Euro Dream Trails.

For more information on Llangollen, and how to ride there, please visit: http://www.onegiantleapllangollen.co.uk