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bikerdnb said on 20 February 2014 17:18

how does around 20miles give or take 5 sound? n not too fussed i just like big descents either techy or fast...somethin that puts a grin on ur face not just flat bridleways that u would ride on a commute with ur kids if u no what i mean? were ok with killer ups as well uve gotta go up to come down right!?

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bikerdnb said on 19 February 2014 21:12

Hello..my mates up for a ride around the yorkshire dales as well! How about sometime in a few months when we have a bit more light coz were comin from Manchester so it's gonna take a bit of time to get there? We ride anythin n everything in the peaks so if it's steep fast or techy then were all for it!

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pigman65 said on 3 March 2013 20:25

Hi Mate,
i need some bearings for my front hub - Hope Pro Evo2 ,how much ??
regs Colin

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