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Review by: mega_waster on 21 November 2009

Fun factor
Trail variety
Trail quality

Pretty disapointing. It's no Glentress.

What Kielder Castle has to offer is not worth travelling very far for. People will still ride there though because they'll come for the outstanding Deadwater trails and massive Lakeside Way.

I get the impression the bike park area was designed by someone who doesn't actually ride trials (I do mean trials. I didn't just spell trail wrong.) or dirtjump/freeride. The jumps are seriously poor, the first being more of a lump followed by a kind of big hump which leads to the main jump which isn't straight but isn't a hip, has no real kicker/lip and feels all lop-sided. The northshore seems well put together though and will be more than a challenge for most average riders. I can't really say much about trials other than what one rider told me which was again, pretty disapointing. The skills area is decent enough but not as good as Hamsterley Forest's Loop.

Go to Kielder. It's great, but don't expect to be too impressed by what they've done at Kielder Castle.

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