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Review by: Mr Rottybotty on 7 August 2013

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Concrete street park with mini ramp and an amazing whale pool with hips ..

Where to start, we have been waiting years for a new park down here, what can I say the council did right by this. Amazing park, great lines and the concrete is really smooth and not to bad when you hit is at speed ( minimal burns). Everything has an expert and intermediate entering route so no one is put out by something slightly out of their comfort zone and it caters for all types of disciplines ( well except 26" upwards as I found my jump bike a bit too large for the transitions). Only a few criticisms to add , 1: avoid if its raining as the concrete can get quite slippy, its a weird one as the transitions are fine in the wet but the flats are a tad slippy and I guess this is down to the composition of the concrete used, 2 : Get there early if you want to take advantage of the lines and learn some tricks as from around 9am the park can get very very busy and to be honest for those of us who want to ride to progress you really don't get much freedom and so far there is no etiquette as if you slam on the ramp someone will have dropped in before you have picked your ass up. 3: bring your scooter bashing stick as they are everywhere and have no spacial awareness but a few well placed stunt pegs usually gives them the message.

Enjoy peps as this is a great park and its free to ride =)

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