Strength in Numbers - Complete Aptos Segment

4 June 2012  |  

The free online premiere of Strength in Numbers was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who joined us online! We had over 200,000 riders from all over the world watch the film in just 24 hours. This totally exceeded our expectations and really captured what Strength in Numbers is all about - uniting the global mountain bike community. A lot of people thought we were crazy to give away a movie that we spent almost 2 years making. But we believe that films are one of the most powerful ways to grow and unite our sport and we're just getting started. Today we're releasing the complete Aptos segment for free online for everyone to experience and share. Enjoy!

Strength in Numbers

There is a small catch though… if you've watched Strength in Numbers online already, seen it at a premiere event or are just checking out the Aptos segment for the first time and you like what you see… please make sure you give back and support the filmmakers. The best thing you can do is buy the Collectors Edition 3-in-1 combo pack (DVD+BluRay+Download) or download it on iTunes. That way you can enjoy Strength in Numbers at the highest quality over and over again. And you can feel good knowing that you've supported the Anthill crew so that we can keep making more films in the future.

Strength in Numbers

We know not everyone can afford to buy the film, but you can still support Strength in Numbers by sharing the Aptos segment with all your friends and family to help spread the stoke of mountain biking. We believe the more people who see the film, means more people will be inspired to ride and more people riding makes our world better a place! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #strengthinnumbers.

Get the full film and support the filmmakers: