ON HER TERMS - Manon Carpenter & Monet Adams

7 November 2018  |  

ON HER TERMS follows Manon and Monet as they journey to Iceland to find some of the best trail riding in the northern hemisphere and explore how Iceland is pushing the boundaries of sustainability on and off the bike. Iceland has become known for its progressive approach to geo-thermal energy whilst becoming a landmark destination for mountain bike exploration.

Manon Carpenter

After seeing photos of the incredible mountains and trails, I knew immediately I wanted to explore Iceland by bike. I wanted to learn how their landscape influences them, how they are using it but also the extent to which they go to preserve it. The riding was like being on a different film set or planet every day, one day we rode through fields of flowers the next down the side of shaley candy-coloured mountains.” - Monet Adams

Guided through the unforgiving terrain by the team at Ice Bike, Manon and Monet experience the diverse and exposed trails Iceland offers, set to the back drop of awe-inspiring scenery. Interacting with nature sits at the heart of Icelandic culture, but the locals are going the extra mile to sustain their environment.

Manon Carpenter

“We were privileged enough to ride in some incredible locations and with that comes responsibility. Often trails are closed to allow the rehabilitation of vegetation, which hugely is important” - Manon Carpenter

After retiring from her career as professional racer, having secured herself both World Championship and World Cup titles, Manon turned her attention to studying Geology at University. Since then, these two worlds have only complimented each other and her passion for riding is now met with an inherent desire to know more about the landscapes she finds herself in.

Manon Carpenter

“The landscape was rugged and the weather was wild, and we went away feeling like Iceland truly is a unique place - a place that highlights and harnesses the power and beauty of the land we live on. And that bikes really do make exploring new places even better” - Manon Carpenter

As the popularity of mountain biking continues to grow around the world, the way in which we interact with our environment on and off the bike is ever more important in keeping the sport thriving. For Manon and Monet, their journey continues…

ON HER TERMS was produced in partnership with Monster Energy, SCOTT-Sports, Radon Bikes and Ice Bike

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