Nathan Rennie Talks 2012

1 May 2012  |  

Nathan Rennie is a former downhill world champion, world record holder for longest jump on a mountainbike and a true cycling legend.

Nathan spent 10 years travelling around the world racing Downhill and 4X in the UCI World Cups.

Going straight from school to being a professional racer and then needing a break 10 years later, Nathan had to deal with something he never has encountered before... normal life.

This is an in-depth talk with Nathan about that transition and where the last 3 years of his life has taken him.

He covers a bunch of topics including:

- Leaving the World Cup tour mid season

- Discovering regular life and it's ups and downs

- His latest project "Lower 45 Bike Camps" and an in-depth look at what goes on during them

- Going straight from High School to racing

- Getting back on a Santa Cruz V10

- His connection with 5.10 shoes and how they became so popular

Nathan Rennie

Nathan has never spoken so intimately and passionately on camera before. This interview was filmed in his Gold Coast garage one week after being married to the lovely Cathy so there is fair call he is pretty stoked on life right now. Very little editing has been done so the rawness and true feeling of what he is saying comes through…

If you have time, sit back, relax and have a listen to what the man has to say.

Credit: Petrifilms