2012 Preparation - FMD RACING

25 May 2012  |  

After an off-season getting over a niggling shoulder injury, Tahnée finally feels comfortable on her bike… very comfortable.

Having recently attended the RedBull MTB Academy with some of the best young talent in downhill racing, Tahnée came away from the camp knowing exactly what she wants to achieve in her chosen sport.

For 2012 FMD Racing has put together a core group of sponsors and people dedicated to bringing the best out of this young athlete - whether it's bike maintenance, image production, athlete preparation or just a little family love! With that small army and knowing she can rely on the knowledge base of the athlete team from her recent trip away - Tahnée feels she can confidently take on the battle of World Cup racing.

During the season, FMD Racing will be releasing short webisodes following Tahnée and the team's journey - enjoy the first 'webisode'...

FMD Racing

Credit: FMD Racing