Bird Gravity Enduro Welsh Open

Bird Gravity Enduro Welsh Open

Date: Sunday 21st May 2017

Dyfi Forest Mountain Bike Trails

Dyfi Forest deep in the heart of Wales will play host to the Gravity Enduro Welsh Open.

Event Type: Gravity Enduro E-Bikes
Date: Date: Sunday 21st May 2017
Organiser: Welsh Gravity Enduro Series
Location (trail): Dyfi Forest Mountain Bike Trails

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Dyfi Forest deep in the heart of Wales will play host to the Gravity Enduro Welsh Open. This is the Welsh Champs and also an Enduro World Series Qualifier event, one of 3 Qualifiers in the UK with Scotland and England hosting the other races.

Welsh Champs will have 13 categories with 5-6 stages in one day with set start times for stages and penalties as per EMBA rules.
To qualify for EWS points you must be a member of EMBA before the race!

Sport Male & Female categories, 3 stages for the riders who want to have a go on a shorter loop of the Dyfi! No start times or penalties but stages will have cut off times.

Venue: Machynlleth, SY20 8AU

Last Updated: 10th May 2017 (8:20am)

E-Bike Category Gerry Sanders
Elite Men Laurie Arthur
Elite Men Aidan Burrill
Elite Men Joel Chidley
Elite Men Joe Finney
Elite Men Loui Harvey
Elite Men Matthew Lombardi
Elite Men oliver mckenna
Elite Men Sam Flockhart
Elite Men Ajay Jones
Elite Men philip shucksmith
Elite Men Simon Wakely
Elite Women Claire Bennett
Elite Women Sophie Halhead
Elite Women Kate Wakely
Elite Women Emma Wareham
Grand Veteran Men Mike Norman
Grand Veteran Men gary allen
Grand Veteran Men Keven Baines
Grand Veteran Men Alex Cameron
Grand Veteran Men John Cobb
Grand Veteran Men Paul Fowler
Grand Veteran Men Nigel Garrood
Grand Veteran Men Rob Spencer
Grand Veteran Men Martyn Green
Grand Veteran Men David Gurnsey
Grand Veteran Men Mike Hodgson
Grand Veteran Men Pedro Mcnulty
Grand Veteran Men glyn richards
Grand Veteran Men Craig Roberts
Grand Veteran Men Jonny Ward
Grand Veteran Men Pete Overton
Hardtail Category Sonny Baston
Hardtail Category Scott Cordy
Hardtail Category Mason Pritchard
Hardtail Category Oliver Rushton
Junior Men Carl Crowley
Junior Men James Edwards
Junior Men Ben Sumerfield
Junior Men Joe Breeden
Junior Men Tom Wilkins
Junior Men Josh Williams
Junior Women Caja Parkes
Master Men Gareth Bezant
Master Men Chris Archer
Master Men Steve Atkins
Master Men Cameron Austin
Master Men Michael Noble
Master Men Chris Blakey
Master Men Mark Brooks
Master Men James Bruton
Master Men Russ Clark
Master Men Kevin Cook
Master Men Tom Cosgrove
Master Men Andrew Crompton
Master Men Francois Damseaux
Master Men Devin De Jager
Master Men Matthew De Villanueva
Master Men Dan Farrer
Master Men adam Fieldsend
Master Men Richard Follett
Master Men Mark Foster
Master Men james gill
Master Men Richard Greenfield
Master Men Jonathan Gregory
Master Men Tom Halhead
Master Men Peter Heyward
Master Men Nick Hobbs
Master Men Jon Hodson
Master Men Matthew Holland
Master Men Brad Hudson
Master Men Ben Jackson
Master Men Nick Jones
Master Men Ben Llewellyn
Master Men Mark Mackenzie
Master Men Carl Mansell
Master Men James Martin
Master Men Scott Mayled
Master Men Ash Mullane
Master Men Guy Nevison
Master Men Rob Newman
Master Men Jimmy Nixon
Master Men Tom Makin
Master Men Tom Packwood
Master Men Dan Pardesi
Master Men Simon Parkinson
Master Men dean pearson
Master Men Paul Pickup
Master Men Mark Rigby
Master Men Matt Potter
Master Men Joe ROBSON
Master Men Thomas Sinclair
Master Men Matt Snelling
Master Men Ryan Sperring
Master Men Tinks Taylor
Master Men Scott Tomblin
Master Men Matthew Van Der Schans
Master Men Matthew Leach
Master Men Simon Ward
Master Men Andy Weames
Master Men james weames
Master Men Anton West
Master Men Alan Whitelaw
Master Men Paul Whitelegge
Master Men Craig Williams
Master Men Andy Woodvine
Master Men martin Zietsman
Master Women Lianne Hier
Master Women Emma Braithwaite
Master Women Anna Cipullo
Master Women Tim Fleming
Master Women Lucy Follett
Master Women Jenni Rennie
Master Women Helen Wainwright
Senior Men Lewis Bradley
Senior Men Oliver Barton
Senior Men Archie Box
Senior Men Martin Brown
Senior Men Lee Carter
Senior Men Karl Chapman
Senior Men Lewis Cowe
Senior Men kit davison
Senior Men Joe swann
Senior Men Jack Delbridge
Senior Men James Dickens
Senior Men Tom Everett
Senior Men Jamie Garrett
Senior Men Sam Gerrett
Senior Men George Goodall
Senior Men Tom Grice
Senior Men Tom Grinyer
Senior Men Tom Harnden
Senior Men Joe Harrison
Senior Men Harry Harvey
Senior Men andrew heaton
Senior Men Shaun Hook
Senior Men Ollie Hooper
Senior Men Lawrence Jones
Senior Men Ben Jones
Senior Men Ross Hancock
Senior Men Lewis Peacock
Senior Men Ruairi Phelan
Senior Men Ian Pitchford
Senior Men Phillip Roberts
Senior Men Callum Powell
Senior Men Jason Prout
Senior Men Jon Ridley
Senior Men ryan roberts
Senior Men Dan Smith
Senior Men Richard Stone
Senior Men Jake Tanner
Senior Men Gruff Tomos
Senior Men Oliver Tustain
Senior Men Ryan Williamson
Senior Women laura griffiths
Senior Women Jess Enlund
Senior Women Becky Jordan
Senior Women Rebecca Parker
Sport men 14+ Stuart Arnold
Sport men 14+ Richard Baker
Sport men 14+ Phillip Willis
Sport men 14+ dave brown
Sport men 14+ James Howes
Sport men 14+ Paul Brown
Sport men 14+ Phil Camsell
Sport men 14+ Matt Carter
Sport men 14+ Nigel Cartmell
Sport men 14+ Jason Hasaka
Sport men 14+ Johnathan Lewis
Sport men 14+ Martin Lombardi
Sport men 14+ Andy Palmer
Sport men 14+ Phil Sellors
Sport men 14+ Sjoerd Wolters
Veteran Men Richard Bacon
Veteran Men Dan Bishop
Veteran Men Justin Bolton
Veteran Men Steve Liggins
Veteran Men Tom Clarke
Veteran Men David Parker
Veteran Men Fraser Dales
Veteran Men Rick Ellis
Veteran Men Andy Foote
Veteran Men Mark Golding
Veteran Men Jess Gough
Veteran Men Carl Jennings
Veteran Men Stuart Hibbert
Veteran Men Simon Hinchliffe
Veteran Men Craig Holmes
Veteran Men Keith Horsnell
Veteran Men Chris John
Veteran Men marcus jones
Veteran Men Aled Jones
Veteran Men James Jones
Veteran Men Chris Kimberley
Veteran Men Craig Macklin
Veteran Men Mike Mclaughlin
Veteran Men Paul Mole
Veteran Men Charlie Hatton
Veteran Men Dan Murphy
Veteran Men Andy Orwell
Veteran Men Roger Pallister
Veteran Men chris pill
Veteran Men Tim Ponting
Veteran Men Mark Roberts
Veteran Men Andy Sadler
Veteran Men Leo Scheltinga
Veteran Men Chris Schröder
Veteran Men Andrew Setchfield
Veteran Men Graham Sheldon
Veteran Men Hywel Silvester
Veteran Men Duncan Smith
Veteran Men Garrick Thomas
Veteran Men Austin Williams
Veteran Women Katherine Goodey
Veteran Women Eva McCartney
Veteran Women Adel Tyson-Bloor


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