Welsh Gravity Enduro Winter/Spring Series RD3

Welsh Gravity Enduro Winter/Spring Series RD3

Date: Sunday 19th March 2017

Cwmcarn Mountain Bike Trail Centre

Wouldn’t it be great to have another chance to go faster, get that corner right or hit that line you missed?… now you can with the Mash Up format!

Event Type: Gravity Enduro
Date: Date: Sunday 19th March 2017
Organiser: Welsh Gravity Enduro Series
Website: welshgravityenduro.com
Location (trail): Cwmcarn Mountain Bike Trail Centre

IMPORTANT: To the best of our knowledge the details provided are accurate at the time of listing. However, as with any outdoor event of this type, there can always be unforeseen circumstances that will lead to changes or cancellations. For all demo days, please check with the organiser directly to confirm the event is going ahead, timing, location, bike availability and any other additional detail.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have another chance to go faster, get that corner right or hit that line you missed?

Punctures and mechanicals are no longer an end to the race day, Ride with your friends and just have fun... The Mash Up Format allows it all”

The 1 day format, 5 hours of live timing over 3 stages where you can do as many runs as you like in any order you like and then check you're times in the pits!
Ride with your friends or on your own it doesn't matter!

We also have an E-bike category even more in 2017 with an E-Bike specific stage or 2.

Last Updated: 14th March 2017 (08:42am)

E-Bike Category Dave Pickering
E-Bike Category Storm Stacey
E-Bike Category Adam Bates
E-Bike Category Will Bates
E-Bike Category Chris Groves
E-Bike Category Tony Hicks
E-Bike Category Gerry Sanders
E-Bike Category Dorian Thorne
E-Bike Category Howard Williams
Elite Men Leon Rosser
Elite Men Joe Finney
Elite Men Ajay Jones
Elite Men Tom Williams
Elite Women Evie Richards
Elite Women Ella Conolly
Elite Women Tracy Moseley
Grand Veteran Men Arwel Ace
Grand Veteran Men John Cobb
Grand Veteran Men Chris Cooke
Grand Veteran Men Kevin Cooper
Grand Veteran Men Malcolm Fawcett
Grand Veteran Men Andy Gibbs
Grand Veteran Men David Gurnsey
Grand Veteran Men Mark Hampton
Grand Veteran Men Mike Hodgson
Grand Veteran Men John Horscroft
Grand Veteran Men Richard King
Grand Veteran Men Mike Norman
Grand Veteran Men george ousby
Grand Veteran Men Simon Roberts
Grand Veteran Men Ian Howe
Grand Veteran Men Ian Robertson
Grand Veteran Men Jonny Ward
Grand Veteran Men Karl Woodman
Hardtail Category Tomas Kupstys
Hardtail Category Simon Adams
Hardtail Category Rex Aitken
Hardtail Category Matt Cole
Hardtail Category Jason Doe
Hardtail Category Stuart Duckitt
Hardtail Category Scott Fitzgerald
Hardtail Category Patrick Kennedy
Hardtail Category Jason Lewis
Hardtail Category Luke Machin
Hardtail Category Ollie Mant
Hardtail Category Linford Mill
Hardtail Category Jim Parr
Hardtail Category Lee Burton
Junior Men Josh Cutts
Junior Men Rhys Barter
Junior Men Calvin-Rhys Morgan
Junior Men adam CAMPBELL
Junior Men Tomas Carter
Junior Men Callum Chamberlain
Junior Men Joe Child's
Junior Men Evan Davies
Junior Men Olly Hammond
Junior Men Seamus Heaney
Junior Men Jack Little
Junior Men Oliver Lunnon
Junior Men Leon margerison
Junior Men Daniel Mason-Rheinschmiedt
Junior Men Luke O'Neill
Junior Men Morgan Pugsley
Junior Men Charlie Regan
Junior Men Harry Rogers
Junior Men adam Slade
Junior Men Ben Townsend
Junior Women Meg James
Junior Women Hattie Harnden
Junior Women Caja Parkes
Master Men Tomas Kupstys
Master Men Rich Butters
Master Men stuart adams
Master Men Charles Ashman
Master Men Steven Atkinson
Master Men Robert Bailey
Master Men Justin Baker
Master Men Paul Ballantyne
Master Men Dan Bevis
Master Men Mark Brooks
Master Men Wayne Buckingham
Master Men Paul Lloyd
Master Men Jamie Charlton
Master Men kevin Cook
Master Men Fred Cook
Master Men Tim Corney
Master Men Nathan Davies
Master Men Ben Day
Master Men ryan dean
Master Men Fraser Doe
Master Men Simon Drew
Master Men Dan East
Master Men Gwyn Evans
Master Men Rob O'Brien
Master Men Adam Fieldsend
Master Men Gavin Flagg
Master Men Tim Fleming
Master Men Simon Gibbon
Master Men Adam Goodwin
Master Men Phil Grosvenor
Master Men Tony Hall
Master Men Tim Hancock
Master Men William Hemsworth
Master Men Peter Heyward
Master Men Tom Hine
Master Men Jon Hodson
Master Men Gareth Hopkins
Master Men Russ Hopkins
Master Men Gareth HORSNELL
Master Men Kieron Howard
Master Men Michael Hughes
Master Men Luke Burcher
Master Men James Baker
Master Men Joe Jellicoe
Master Men Andrew Jenkins
Master Men Chris john
Master Men dominic jones
Master Men Rhydian Jone
Master Men jake jones
Master Men Ivan Kendellen
Master Men Chris Lafrenais
Master Men Matt Lakin
Master Men dean lawry
Master Men Andy Lawson
Master Men Matthew Little
Master Men Ben Llewellyn
Master Men Ross Madden
Master Men Paul Maggs
Master Men christopher maher
Master Men Tom Malins
Master Men Carl Mansell
Master Men terry marsh
Master Men James Martin
Master Men Rob Mayes
Master Men Samuel Morris
Master Men Chris O'Connell
Master Men Paul Wood
Master Men Mark Orford
Master Men Dan Pardesi
Master Men Martin Peak
Master Men Ben Plenge
Master Men Mark Pratley
Master Men David Price
Master Men Simon Pugh
Master Men Simon Ratcliffe
Master Men Simon Reed
Master Men Joe ROBSON
Master Men Philip Sellors
Master Men mark sinclair
Master Men Ross Smith
Master Men Simon Smith
Master Men Tom Sprigge
Master Men Mark Sterland
Master Men Alan Strang
Master Men Tom Stretton
Master Men Luke Trolley
Master Men Joseph Tucker
Master Men Andy Weames
Master Men Matt Wigley
Master Men Mike Williams
Master Men Ben Worrall
Master Men Matt Wright
Master Men Martin Zietsman
Master Men lee zilwood
Master Women Lianne Hier
Master Women Elizabeth Gath
Master Women Anna Cipullo
Master Women Amy Thomas
Senior Men Tom Wheeler
Senior Men Lewis Bradley
Senior Men Cai Grocott
Senior Men Ashley Adams
Senior Men Max ALLINSON
Senior Men Steven Baldock
Senior Men Jeremy Bigg
Senior Men Daryl Biles
Senior Men johnny black
Senior Men Archie Box
Senior Men Rob Bunning
Senior Men Phil Camsell
Senior Men simon catchpowle
Senior Men Sebastian Cotton
Senior Men Rhys Cross
Senior Men Alex Desmond
Senior Men Harry Dixon
Senior Men Tom Dunn
Senior Men James Evans
Senior Men Leighton Everett
Senior Men Kyle Fletcher
Senior Men Ben Fortey
Senior Men Joshua Game
Senior Men Jamie Garrett
Senior Men Tom Graham
Senior Men Scott Griffin
Senior Men Doug Hall
Senior Men Greg Hampton
Senior Men Andy Hancock
Senior Men Adam Harding
Senior Men Ollie Hindlaugh
Senior Men Ollie Hooper
Senior Men Jack Hughes
Senior Men Max Jamieson
Senior Men Matt Jenkins
Senior Men Harry Jenkinson
Senior Men Johnathan Lewis
Senior Men Thomas Lively
Senior Men Cameron Lochhead
Senior Men Andrew Lowe
Senior Men Jay Mitcham
Senior Men Tom Mutloq
Senior Men josh newbould
Senior Men Lewis Peacock
Senior Men Jason Prout
Senior Men James Pugh
Senior Men Julian Raymond
Senior Men Fergus Ryan
Senior Men Chris Sandom
Senior Men Ben Shellie
Senior Men Ben Stallwood
Senior Men Nick Stoyles
Senior Men Perry Thomas
Senior Men Tyler Viveiros
Senior Men Gavin Wilkie
Senior Men Ed Williams
Senior Women Kelly Guy
Senior Women Alicia Hockin
Veteran Men Gareth Sheppard
Veteran Men Jim Rolland
Veteran Men Simon Adams
Veteran Men mike paget
Veteran Men shane bennett
Veteran Men steve francis
Veteran Men Chris Blackmore
Veteran Men Justin Bolton
Veteran Men Matthew Booker
Veteran Men Jonathan Broughton
Veteran Men Simon Burchett
Veteran Men Chris Cant
Veteran Men Mike Cardwell
Veteran Men Gareth Carter
Veteran Men John Cooper
Veteran Men Simon Coventry
Veteran Men Simon Davey
Veteran Men Andrew Davis
Veteran Men MArk Everson
Veteran Men Ben Goffen
Veteran Men Jess Gough
Veteran Men Robin Grant
Veteran Men Ben Hallett
Veteran Men Jason Hasaka
Veteran Men Angus Henderson
Veteran Men Andy Hill
Veteran Men Simon Hinchliffe
Veteran Men Terry Dixon
Veteran Men Carl Jennings
Veteran Men stephen jones
Veteran Men marcus jones
Veteran Men Darren Koslicki
Veteran Men William Langton
Veteran Men Tony Lewis
Veteran Men steven liggins
Veteran Men Andrew Lindsay
Veteran Men Matthew Lunnon
Veteran Men Paul Mackie
Veteran Men Chris Marwood
Veteran Men trevor meloy
Veteran Men Clive Morgan
Veteran Men Lee Owen
Veteran Men chris Pill
Veteran Men Darren Pomies
Veteran Men Gavin Powell
Veteran Men Dan Rolfe
Veteran Men Neal Russell
Veteran Men Kevin Sexton
Veteran Men Justin Sparrey
Veteran Men James Monteith
Veteran Men Peter Stone
Veteran Men Lee Sweeting
Veteran Men Dave Thomas
Veteran Men Mark Thompson
Veteran Men jonathan thorngate
Veteran Men Gavin Ward
Veteran Men Fred Ward
Veteran Men Richard Webster
Veteran Men Jamie Whitmarsh
Veteran Men Austin Williams
Veteran Men Paul Williams
Veteran Men Gareth Wilshire
Veteran Men Steve Wilson
Veteran Men Dominic Wood
Veteran Men Allister Wood
Veteran Men Geraint Wright
Veteran Women Amanda Brooks
Veteran Women Janet Clarke
Veteran Women Nicole Doughty
Veteran Women Alison Frazer
Veteran Women Philip Wilde


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