Hope launches its hunt for HB ambassadors

15 January 2020  |  

For 2020 Hope Technology is launching their first-ever ambassador programme and are inviting applications for riders to show off the HB.130 to the world.

Hope launches its hunt for HB ambassadors

The Programme

  • Those that make it on to the Ambassador Program will receive a substantially discounted HB.130 in the specification, size and colour-way of their choice.
  • Customised etching on Hope parts will also be available.
  • Give you access to further discounts on Hope products.
  • Provide you with top-quality, exclusive Ambassador apparel to wear while out riding.
  • Invite you to attend our Ambassadors’ Day – you’ll meet the team behind the HB, see the factory and collect your new bike.
  • Share your stories and photos throughout the year – your chance to help promote and be a part of Hope Technology. You’ll use your HB.130 to get out there and have fun whether that be epic adventures, entering races, or hanging out in your local woods.
  • More importantly, your enthusiasm will be infectious and you’ll share the love for riding and Hope.
  • The Ambassador Program is initially restricted to riders located in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The Ambassador Program will be rolled out to other countries later in the year.

Become part of Hope

  • You will help create content for our HB and Hope news sections and social media channels to show what you’ve been up to and where you have been on your HB.
  • We’d love you to share the adventures you’ve had on the bike and where it has taken you. This might be quarterly or as and when you have something to shout about.
  • You’ll share anything from bikepacking trips to a race or event report… basically anything that involves being on two Hope wheels.
  • You’ll also be willing to get involved at selected HB events in your area, attending and helping out.
  • Finally, you’ll spread the Hope love as you go. You’ll be approachable and passionate and always happy to chat about Hope products when out and about.


Applications will be open until 31st January 2020.

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