First Look: New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet

3 April 2024  |  

Requested by our riders, by all the nostalgics of their motorbike helmet when not riding their Trial or Sur-Ron, and by any rider seeking for more protection; here’s the new Bluegrass Jetro.  

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet

The Jetro has a 3/4 structure with a distinctive design inspired by the Vanguard, ensuring full protection on the back of the head and jaw, thanks to the EPS shell that extends over the entire coverage of the helmet.

Tested rigorously by the experts at the Virginia Tech Lab, the Jetro has earned a prestigious five-star safety rating, establishing it as the best MTB helmet in test. NTA 8776 e-bike certified, featuring a flexible and safety release visor; it got all the credentials it needs.

With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this helmet offers the perfect blend of form and function, providing you with the ultimate riding experience, no matter if you wear it with goggles or without, if you use it in Dirt, Slopestyle, Enduro, or E-Bike; if you know you know!

Coverage to dare more – that's what the Bluegrass Jetro is all about.

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet


Bluegrass Jetro is a helmet without the chin guard that covers 3/4 of the head, leaving a wide field of view. The helmet is designed to provide full coverage around the head and jaw, for those looking for more protection from an open-face.

NTA 8776

The NTA 8776 is the only safety standard created for speed e-bikes. Being NTA-certified the Bluegrass Jetro is able to dissipate significantly more impact energy, the shell also has more impact tested coverage around the two most sensitive brain areas: the back and the temples.

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet


The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab tested the Bluegrass Jetro and it received the highest rating of 5 STARS. Virginia Tech Lab provides an objective assessment of helmet safety. It gives a rating based on both linear and rotational impact energies, going above and beyond the state of the art of helmet safety standards.


Featuring the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the Bluegrass Jetro is able to slide relative to the head in case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion. MIPS is a rotational management system—engineered to add protection to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is attached inside the helmet between the comfort padding and the EPS.

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet


The visor is an integrated part of the shell of MTB helmets, and it has to be carefully designed to be protective, stylish and safe. The Jetro features a flexible breakaway visor to avoid twisting of the neck in impacts from any angle.


When the trail gets intense, having a stable helmet ensures increased safety, enhanced comfort, and an overall better riding experience. With our Safe-T Heta retention system, the Jetro offers exceptional balance and stability on the head, free from discomfort and compatible with any eyewear of your choice.

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet


Achieving lightweight without compromising the helmet's structure, the Jetro strikes a perfect balance by meeting stringent safety standards, all while maintaining a weight of 595g in medium size. It offers the perfect compromise between full-face and open-face use.


Thanks to its 21 vents and wide internal air channels, the Jetro lets the air move freely from the inlet ports to the exhaust holes, no matter if you wear it with goggles or without.

New Bluegrass Jetro 3/4 Shell Helmet

Vinn-T: “Since I got the first prototype, I just keep using it all the time in E-bike, Enduro, and Dirt. I love the style and I feel way more protected than in an open face. It’s my daily helmet!”

Louis Reboul: “I like it because it’s the perfect mix between a full face and a classic open face. That’s the ideal helmet for enduro or E-bike rides, those long rides when you push your pace more than usual. But it’s also perfect to ride in Dirt or Slope with friends. I can do pretty much everything with this helmet, while being super stylish!”

Benoit Gurnel: “I have the feeling to wear the perfect helmet between a full face and an open face. It’s clearly the helmet I will use most from now on. I feel light and safe. I will use it mostly in E-bike, enduro, but also in Dirt.”

The Bluegrass Jetro is available to purchase now for £225 from Met helmets.

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