Crankbrothers introduces its S.O.S on-bike tools with Danny MacAskill

27 March 2024  |  

Don't get stuck walking out of the woods again. Crankbrothers new range of S.O.S. On-bike tools are designed to take the thinking out of your pre-ride checklist. Integrating seamlessly onto your frame,  your S.O.S. tool kit will always be there, at the ready, for when you find yourself in a bit of a mechanical pickle.

Crankbrothers S.0.S Tools

Equipped with a versatile multi-tool, chain tool, a proper tire lever, tubeless plug tool, and storage for a CO2 cartridge or hand pump, no ride will go unfinished due to a mechanical.

Crankbrothers S.0.S Tools

Check out the Crankbrothers SOS Tool Collection on their website here.

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