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28 November 2017  |  

In 2016/2017 organisers of the Southern Enduro Series started looking at how they could increase the popularity for women in enduro in the South of the UK. In 2018 they would like to continue that good work achieved so far.

Southern Enduro

Credit: Southern Enduro

Early entry for woman

We are opening entries for the southern enduro series and the southern enduro champ 3 day earlier for women then the men.

Tickets available on the Wednesday 29th Nov 2018 will be:

  • Full Southern Enduro Series, 4 round series in the south east of the UK (£160 for all for rounds)
  • Southern Enduro Champs, 2 day enduro in the south west at one of the best venues in the country, 7 stage, free camping, £60 for early bird tickets and lots of loam!
  • Southern Enduro Champs Lite, 1 day enduro that is perfect for people new to enduro or just want to have a bit of fun, 4 stage, free camping and only £30 for early bird tickets.

Venues and dates:

Click here for more information.

Southern enduro champs 2017 vid:

This will give women a couple of days to sort out their entries and organise their friend before the mad rush when the men's go on sale.

Full list of women's categories:

  • U16 (14-15)
  • U18 (16-17)
  • Senior (18-29)
  • Master (30-19)
  • Vets (40-49)
  • Super Vets (50+)
  • Elite (18+)
  • Fun (18+)

With the caveat that we need at least 3 riders in each category, if we don't achieve that we will merge the category into the most relevant category.

Female Enduro Ambassadors

We will also be working with Female ambassadors to improve the culture and environment. Female ambassadors will have a direct link to southern enduro, hopefully we can react to any issues sooner and work on progressing the sport for new and younger riders.

If you are interested in being a female enduro ambassador then email [email protected]

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